Utilizing Resources

Have you ever known someone to have a wonderful resource at their disposal but they don’t even put it to good use?  There is a house I know of that changed ownership several years ago.  The thing about that house is it has a professionally installed irrigation system.  When the previous owners installed it they were able to groom one of the most beautiful lawns around.

The new owners, however, have not used that irrigation system a single time.  I don’t know if they are unaware they have an irrigation system, or if it is broken, or maybe they can’t afford the water (although it’s pretty cheap where they’re located).  Now there is as much dirt as there is healthy grass in the yard.  What a waste of the previous owners time, money, and energy in my opinion.  Or maybe I’m just jealous because my yard could use an irrigation system.

That irrigation system is a resource the new owners have (assuming it works) that they aren’t even using.  When I think about under-utilized resources many things come to mind.  I believe God gives us many resources that we should be good stewards of – both tangible and intangible.  What are some of YOUR resources that are being under-utilized or mis-used?


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