Wear Your Wedding Ring!

So have you watched anybody lately?? One of the things I look for when I’m watching people is whether or not they’re wearing a wedding ring. Of course whatever story I make up about them might hinge completely on whether or not they’re actually wearing their wedding ring because so many people don’t. So I want to share some of my thoughts on why people don’t wear their wedding rings and make some comments about each reason…

Why some people don’t wear their wedding rings??

It doesn’t fit.
Get it sized! This is not an excuse not to wear it because it is too cheap to get a ring sized. If you take it to the jeweler you bought it from they will probably do it for free. I caught a good friend of mine without his ring on and he told me it was because it was broken or small or something. He’s a good man, so just the fact that I was a good enough friend to question him about it spurred him on to go get it fixed. Don’t put it off – the ring matters.

Workplace won’t allow jewelry for safety reasons around equipment.
I used to have to deal with this one when I was a manager in manufacturing. Here’s what I did…Put it on after work! It’s not that hard. I put it on my car keys so I would remember it as soon as I grabbed my keys to go home.

Forgot it.
What else do you forget? I hope you never forget the fact that your married and your ring communicates that to anyone who sees you wearing it. I know sometimes “I forgot” is legit (it happens to Shawna more often than me because I never have to take mine off anymore), but 99% of the time there is no reason to “forget”. Apply some method of reminding yourself like I mentioned about putting it on my car keys. You probably can’t forget to leave anywhere without your car keys.

Just don’t like wearing it.
I think you’re selfish. I don’t like wearing anything but I’m over it because it’s expected that I don’t run around naked everywhere. Get used to it and wear your ring.

I don’t care what kind of problems your marriage is going through – cheating is wrong. I’ve watched enough crap at airports, hotels, in corporate office environments, etc – to have a pretty good idea of when someone is the cheating type (with or without their wedding rings on). As a matter of fact I’ve learned some visual cues from a private investigator who catches cheaters for a living. Maybe you use one of the other excuses not to wear your ring and you don’t cheat. But what if other people think you aren’t wearing your ring because you want to appear available – like a cheater would do?? That should be enough to make you get over any excuse, avoid the appearance of evil, and WEAR YOUR RING.

Not married yet.
Oh, that explains it… just kidding. But don’t be living together and/or having sex before your married either. This is another thing a little people watching experience will teach how to read – whether or not unmarried people are having sex. I’m not being judgmental either. I made mistakes and that’s why I can tell you it wasn’t worth it. I’ve never heard anybody who waited say it wasn’t worth it to wait, but we’ve all heard at least a million times from those of us who didn’t wait but wish we would have…

Back to the subject – If your marriage is important to you then you should feel uncomfortable without that wedding ring on. It is a symbol of your undying commitment to your spouse. Wear it like you mean it.

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