Wedding Expenses

Shawna does weddings. I’d just like to remind everyone of that in case you or anyone you know is having one anytime in the future. She does a great job too. One of these days I want to make her a website and help her get more business because it is something she really loves to do and she’s so good at it.

Anyway, what got me talking about this besides just Shawna’s love for weddings. MyMoneyBlog wrote this about his own wedding expenses and he took an interesting survey about how much people are spending on weddings. Mine and Shawna’s wedding was somewhere in the $5000-$15000 range and Shawna and her mother pretty much did it all (I had little involvement so I don’t even know who all else to give credit to except my parents who handled the traditinal ‘grooms parent’ responsibilities). The impressive part to me is most wedding expenses are directly correlated to how many people are there. We had over 300 people at our wedding, which is well above the average wedding, but the cost was still in the range of what most reasonable weddings cost based on the survey of normal people done by MyMoneyBlog.

If you haven’t had a wedding yet or you know someone who hasn’t (we all know someone meeting that criteria) then keep Shawna in mind – she can put on a great looking wedding as cost effectively as possible. If you already had a wedding you might also find the expense survey results interesting.

Where did your wedding fall on the survey MyMoneyBlog took? 

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