Weekend Prophet

This past weekend has been so busy. We seem to like it that way…

Friday night our kids went to play with friends (the Baughman family) while Shawna and I enjoyed dinner together and grocery shopping. Wasn’t what we would like to call a date night but it did remind us of what it must have been like to grocery shop together before we had kids.

Saturday morning we went out with some of our newest friends – Eric & Kim Lee. They took us out on their boat with our kids and theirs (Olivia and Haley). It was a great time – the most enjoyable moments I’ve ever had on Hartwell Lake and we’ve lived here almost 7 years. We can’t wait to do it again.

Saturday evening we had our first gathering with our new home group. We’ve been trying to start a new group for months and the challenge is that we’re trying to gather on weekends. The challenge being it is difficult to organize a group of more than about 3 couples at a time on the weekend because of everyone’s other plans. That’s ok though. We got together at our house. It was fun. Can’t wait til the next time we get together and see who else can show up.

Sunday we went to the lake again. This time it was for a picnic with some people Shawna works with. That was nice but short lived because we had to be back for church. We go to NewSpring which has a 4pm and 6pm service. We attend the 4pm service and volunteer at the 6pm. We wish we would have gone to an early service so we could have stayed at the lake longer, but part of me is glad we didn’t wear out the fun all in one weekend.

At church mine and Shawna’s volunteer role is usually to take care of all the volunteers who work in all the children’s rooms (basically we serve them drinks and snacks and help them in any other way we see fit). This time I filled in for the regular sound man (Lenny), which I’ve done before so it wasn’t a big deal. But it turns out the acting team for the children’s production needed someone to play Elisha. You guessed it – I was Elisha.

Being Elisha was particularly funny to me because I often joke with Shawna about being a prophet. I can’t help it I have God given prophetic gifts. I’m only joking but what’s funny is when I’m right. Sometimes I’ll say “I’m a prophet” when I know what somebody is going to say or do or react. But the majority of the time my prophetic gift is only good for predicting things like “Devin is going to spill that” or “Skyler is going to get hurt if she doesn’t quit”. Sometimes when the phone rings and I know it is Lenae (Shawna’s sister) without looking at caller ID.

Anyway, it was a great weekend so I just wanted to share a bit of the events. Now I’m predicting a very good week ahead – I’m a prophet.

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