Weekend Reading – Marriage and Money Issues

Here’s some weekend reading to check out.

Bad Economy? A good time for a steamy affair.  – It is really sad and disgusting the disregard our society has for faithfulness and marriage.

 Is Money Pulling Your Marriage Apart? – “A couple with $10,000 in debt and no savings is twice as likely to divorce as a couple with no debt and $10,000 in savings.”   I believe the statistic but can’t validate it first hand.  However, I can validate the fact that stress is a lot different with savings and no debt.

 10 Most Divorced States (slideshow) – Finances is cited as one of the biggest reasons for divorce in most of the states.  Some states making it too easy to get divorced is also noted.  Interestingly enough couples getting married too young is also noted as a predictor of marriage failure.  I’m proud to see South Carolina is not on the list but is mentioned as a state that makes it difficult for couples to divorce without taking a lot of time to reconsider.

How To Be A Better Parent In 4 Seconds – More important than money, this one is about one way to be a better parent.  Just read it.  Jon Acuff is one of my favorite bloggers because he is very witty while adding helpful insight.

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