Weekend Update

In case I haven’t already said it enough – I’VE BEEN EXTREMELY BUSY LATELY!! That’s ok though. It is all worth it when we get to spend some down time with friends. This weekend it was on the lake. Then end it off with one of the most creative services NewSpring has done in the few years I’ve been going there. Unbelievable!!! So here’s a bullet summary of the lake and the service.

  • It was hot as hell Saturday (100 degrees) and we were on the lake – all day. Everyone got burnt. My head is especially red – the receding hairline and balding crown…
  • A wasp stung me on the left bird finger at the very beginning of the day – not good. My whole hand swelled up but went back down until the end of the day. Today (Sunday) it has been swollen so big I can’t even use it. I’m taking benadryl and soaking in ice but neither is helping much. Pray that my hand gets back to normal.
  • The jetski broke while our new friend David was riding it. The rest of us didn’t see him around the bend 150 yards off shore. He swam the jetski all the way to shore before I finally noticed him stranded and waving his hat in the air to get our attention. Then we went a rescued him and gave him a hard time for breaking the jetski.
  • Eric threw me off the tube twice. The second time I skipped on the water 3 times which is normal for a small stone, but I’m a 200 pound man. That means we were going really fast.
  • Did I mention it was hot as hell.
  • Speaking of hell – that’s what the service was about at NewSpring.
  • The stage set is one of the best I’ve seen NewSpring do (Jon Creamer is the guy on staff that creates the special stage effects – excellent job). Also, I have a little bit of an inside scoop on a big surprise that is supposed to be added to the auditorium at the end of the current series they’re doing. It will be very moving to say the least.
  • I’ve seen Perry come out on stage in some creative ways – with a surf board and wearing swimming trunks, on a Harley Davidson, smashing cars, and more. Today he came out in a casket. You have to watch it to believe it.
  • The music was amazing – Justin is extremely talented – all the other musicians are too but Justin amazes me with his singing ability.
  • Later this week I’m sure you can watch the service on the web when it will be posted somewhere on these pages.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Hopefully I’ll have some time to write more this week but I already know I’m going to be very busy. Shawna seems to be doing better with the pregnancy sickness. My wonderful mom was here to help all last week, but I’m back on my own working and helping out with the kids this week… 

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