What I’ve Been Up To

Things have been crazy busy for me lately but it has been a good thing because it looks like I am going to meet my work goal for the year.  I’m so close.  We have added a lot of new capabilities to what we do at work so I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately spreading the word to clients. 
From Friday 11/30 to Friday 12/7 I traveled over 2400 miles by car and aside from an average of 5.5 hours of sleep each night the rest of the time every day was probably 85-90% work time.  If I had time to think of all the experiences I had along the way I’d be sure to write about some of them.  Maybe later…
Someone asked me the other day what I want for Christmas.  As I was staring at a mirror in my hotel last week, missing my family, exhausted, thinking about my inbox full of catch up work to do, smelling the coffee beside me…  I thought for a second, “hmmm, just what do I really need for Christmas?”  At that moment staring in the mirror I did this funny face I do that shows my teeth and realized… ALL I NEED FOR CHRISTMAS IS A BIT MORE SLEEP AND A LOT OF TEETH WHITENER.  Obviously my coffee dependency is taking it’s toll.  

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