What Now That You’re Debt Free?

Now that Shawna and I are Debt Free we’ve been getting this question from people that we didn’t really see coming. Not that we don’t know the answer. We just didn’t anticipate so many people would care. The question usually goes like this, “What’s next now that you’re debt free.”

Great question! Short answer – save more, invest more, give more, and spend just a little bit more. The bottom line is not much is going to change for us other than the money that was going to debt is now going to the productive things we started doing from the very beginning of our financial turnaround. In December 2006 our financial mentality and behavior changed FOREVER, not just for long enough to get debt free.

Shawna and I are not one of those couples who cut everything fun and discretionary out of our lives and ate rice and beans the whole time we were getting debt free. People who do that get a lot of attention but in my opinion all that hype sets unrealistic expectations for the rest of us.

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