What People Think About You

Have you ever heard the advice “you can’t worry about what other people think”?  Have you ever known someone who actually SHOULD think at least a little bit about what other people think?  I think the advice to “not worry about what other people think” has been taken way out of context by too many people. 

Some people are so oblivious to flaws in their personality and behavior that they need to be told the exact opposite of “don’t worry about what others think”.  Some people need to be asked “do you have any idea what people think about you when you —- ?” (insert obnoxious trait in the blank).

The people who really kill me are the ones who talk so much about others flaws and yet are completely oblivious to their own.  It is especially astounding when such an individual talks about a ‘problem’ someone else has when they happen to have THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM!

Now that I’ve said all this about ‘those’ people I guess I’ll have to spend some time thinking about how my actions and behavior are perceived by others too.  Don’t judge me for saying all this – instead take a moment to consider what people think about you.

It is good to evaluate and improve ourselves based on what others think.  It is not good to be so consumed with worry about what others think that we become fearful of being who we’re called to be.  Knowing the difference is a valuable skill.

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