What Started the Unlimited Sex Myth

You’ve heard people make statements to single guys like “you think being married gives you the freedom to just have sex whenever you want but you’re wrong”, and then they at least imply that the reason is because sex just isn’t as important to women as it is to men or that there will be lots of times when the man wants to have sex but the wife doesn’t so they won’t etc etc. But I’ve never heard anyone say why guys ever started wrongly thinking that just by getting married they would be able to have unlimited sex. What started this confusion? I’ve come up with my own theory for how guys “unlimited sex” myth got started.

A long long time ago a lady (probably Eve or just a couple of generations later) was talking to her daughter about sex and told her “one day when you’re married you’ll be able to have sex as much as you want”. She continued to explain that the daughter should keep this secret of marriage to herself until her own daughter is born and old enough to understand.

After getting married the daughter found her mother was correct. She enjoyed sex with her husband as often as she wanted. However, she didn’t keep it a secret like her mother told her. She told her best friend who told her sister who told her friend who told their cousin who told their neighbor and so on and so on.

Eventually the secret was spread to all humankind and everyone was happy and anxious to become married so they could enjoy unlimited sex. The problem is men have never figured out that the secret started between a mother and daughter and only applies to women.

Just thought I should share this story. I think Jesus left it out of his parables in the Bible or something. That or the disciples were too frustrated to talk about it with him. Either way now we know it is NOT “married people can have sex as much as they want”. It is “married WOMEN can have sex as much as they want – which is a fraction as much as the man wants”.

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