Who’s Reading

My friend Joe showed me how to do some tracking of my website. I’m trying to learn more tricks to make it fun and stuff. Now that I’ve been tracking some stats I see that I’ve had some readers from some states and even countries I wouldn’t have expected:

South Carolina & Georgia
– these two are obvious cause I know so many people in these states. I’m getting a lot of hits from these two states.

– not sure who would be reading, but I do know some people there

– maybe some family or friends from a long time ago when I lived there

Indiana & Missouri
– no clue who these could be. Maybe someone who knows Shawna or her dad

I’m guessing this is someone who moved north from CA and knows Shawna or her dad

New Zealand
– Must have accidentally clicked on something and ended up on my site. Thanks for visiting.

I hope you understand when I write something southern like “ain’t”. Come back now – ya hear!

Anyway…Thanks everyone for visiting my site. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and I appreciate you reading.

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