Why I Blog

I’ve seen several other bloggers do this one so I’d like to take a stab at it too. Here are some reasons I think describe why I blog:

  • I actually enjoy writing. This is fun to me. I didn’t realize I could enjoy writing so much until I started blogging. All dat der ejicatin I dun did got shor is hepin me.
  • I like to play around with the words to try and make sense of the craziness in my head. I like to tell stories and try to make them sound interesting with some descriptive wording and a bit of humor. Putting a bit of my real speaking style in to writing is kinda fun too because of the redneck roots I come from. Ain’t nuttin like usin the word ain’t in yur writin.
  • Blogging is almost as good as keeping a journal. Of course it doesn’t read like a journal would because then no one would want to read it. But it speaks from my mind and a bit from my heart to show who I am and what I believe in. The only reason I think about that is so my kids can read this some day when they’re old enough to care and hopefully understand their daddy and why I’m getting some things right and others wrong along the way. I hope they learn from it.
  • I think it is important to speak the truth or at least try to speak what I believe is truth. Sometimes it’s difficult because sometimes the truth hurts or is tough to accept but it’s necessary to put it out there and try to apply it to our lives.
  • I like to share life with people. The good times and bad, joy and pain, laughter and sadness, memorable moments, learning lifes lessons. It all seems worth sharing.
  • I like to check my stats and see that people are actually reading what I write or that somehow people are at least accidentally landing on my site. It is very interesting to see how they’re located all over the country and occasionally all over the world.
  • I love to get comments from people either sharing their own thoughts or just appreciating mine.
  • I am truly rewarded and blessed when I feel deep inside that something I’ve written has either brightened someone’s day with a smile or laughter, challenged someone who might need spurring, or encouraged someone who might be hurting.

That’s all I can think of right now. Maybe I’ll have more to add another day.

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