Women’s Ministries

Have you ever been to a church with one of thos women ministries?? If you were raised in church for any amount of time I think you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I’m not going to be all mean about women’s ministries. I’m just going to share about this past weekend.

Shawna went with her mom to a Women of Faith conference and she loved it. She had all kinds of stories about these popular Christian women who were there, the music, the testimonies, etc. She was excited enough she said she wants to go back next year. In Shawna’s words the weekend could be summed up as encouraging rather than discouraging. She said it wasn’t the typical spiritual overload women get at other “women’s ministries” events. They weren’t bombarded with all the instructions and overwhelming demands every woman should follow if they stand a chance at being the Godly spiritual woman she is intended to be.

No – it wasn’t like that from Shawna’s point of view. She told about one speaker who spoke of the peaks and valleys in life. We’ve all heard of the peaks and valleys but what made this speaker’s talk different is she kept it real and let everyone know that we all spend most of our lives in the valleys of life rather than the peaks – so learn to live through it. She didn’t add read your bible for an hour a day, pray for two hours, blah blah blah blah other stuff. She just kept it real. It sounded like all the other speakers shared their own stories of how their lives have been a challenge but they’ve lived through it. They basically gave everyone hope that if they could live through what life has brought their way then the other women could do the same.

I’m glad she enjoyed it. I had the kids to myself and that is always fun but interesting. I was glad when Shawna got back.

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