Yes – I’m Venting

I just need to get something off my chest because I’ve come against some opposition lately that I don’t appreciate whatsoever – from different angles and for different issues. Normally I can take constructive feedback pretty well, but there has been nothing constructive about the things I’m speaking of.

My pastor, Perry Noble, addresses criticism he gets quite often on his website and I can only imagine how much more criticism he gets than I do because he is like a famous celebrity of the ministry world. Nonetheless I’m starting to relate a little better in my own little way. The only difference is that the negativity Perry addresses is from people he seems to have no relationship with. The negativity I experience seems to be coming from people I do have relationships with, people I love. I’m sure there is something I’m supposed to be learning from it all and I’m seeking wisdom diligently. In the meantime I would like to borrow a line from Perry’s blog. I only have a few readers and probably none of them are the ones this applies to, but just in case, here’s what Perry says and I’m right there with him…

“…because we could really care less what you think. Negative, critical people have NEVER came up with a positive solution for anything….there are people in this community that need Jesus…and we can either fight with you or reach them…and so…you lose! It’s really that simple.”

If you’re reading this and that hurts – I’m not sorry – hope you get over it. Perry also says “I’d rather offend you than offend God.” I love you, but I’m on board with Perry regarding your attitude. Look inside yourself and figure out why you have a problem with my vision – dig deep.When there is no argument for the vision I’m living by then you can get on board or shut up – anything else is hindering progress and I don’t have time for it.

I’m breathing a little easier now.

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