You Should Be Listening To…

Life is good.  You’re so blessed, more than you deserve.  The two of you CAN work together.  If you hadn’t married them you wouldn’t get to experience the power of working together to accomplish your goals and dreams TOGETHER.  You two do such a great job communicating about money and caring for each others wants and needs as much as your own.  

You must be so happy and proud to have such a great spouse.  Who cares what your family and friends think.  They’re not the ones committed to being with you for richer or poorer.  Any decision you make isn’t going to affect them nearly as badly as it will affect you, so you’re wisely choosing to make your relationship work.  

Work hard now to get your financial relationship in order so you can enjoy the rest of your life together.  It’s completely worth the effort and sacrifice.

…the voice of hope and encouragement. 

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