Top Posts of August 2011

Financial Influence – I hope people are paying closer attention to who they take their financial cues from.  @TurboJaneM liked this one.

Expense of Raising a Child – This post can help so many couples who are looking for where to start when it comes to preparing for children.

I Didn’t Tell You Because… – This one is my personal favorite because even @ShawnaAsbell liked it.  I think she likes a lot of it but when she actually promotes it in her social media circles I know it must be REALLY good  🙂

Get Rid of Financial Allergies@MikeDriscoll is allergic to debt in general.  Me too!  Makes my neck twitch my head to the side.

My Parent’s 40th Anniversary Series – I love my parents and hope they see 50 years together.

Part of the reason I review this each month is to see what type of stuff is serving people the best.  I truly do want to help people, particularly in relationships and finances.  Thank you so much for reading, commenting, tweeting, liking, etc.  Since most of you know me I have to express how blessed I am to have such great friends and family.  And if I don’t know you yet please get to know me by contacting, following, friending, or commenting.  Let’s start a conversation and be a part of each others journey.


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