Don’t Give Up On Marriage

After reading the “Everyone Is Going to Hurt You” post some people might be thinking their spouse is not worth suffering for anymore.  They seem to keep making the same painful mistakes and you’re losing hope that they will ever change.  Please don’t give up.

When the fairytale fades into reality that is not the time to give up.  Moving from one marriage to another might lead to temporary happiness, but only until the moment you discover what is imperfect in that relationship too.  Is the problem you’re experiencing in your current relationship really worth ending the relationship?  Please don’t give up.

Marriage takes work.  Sometimes it’s messy and difficult.  When is the last time you thought about your spouse’s point of view?  What is on their mind?  Are you blowing something out of proportion or being selfish?  Are you treating your spouse kindly?  What circumstances might be causing the conflict or failure?  What have you done to help your spouse overcome the problem?  Have you been to counseling?  Are you praying for your spouse?  Please don’t give up.

There was a day when you thought your spouse WAS worth suffering for.  A time when you would have done anything in your power to be with them.  What happened?  Think about your dating days.  Would whatever the problem is now have stopped you from being together then?  As you think back on those happy times think about what was different then that made it so great and then do whatever you can to re-kindle whatever it was.

Do something – do ANYTHING!  But please don’t give up.  Marriage is worth fighting for.


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