Part 2: My Parent’s 40th Anniversary

For my parents 40th wedding anniversary I did a little interview and I’m sharing their wisdom.  If you missed it you can click here to read Part 1.

How did you make it 40 years?  What advice do you have for us youngsters?

It’s important to always think back on what brought us together to start with and having a determination to never give up on that.  Commitment is taken too lightly now days.  People think oh well we can just get a divorce if this doesn’t work out.  Divorce was never an option for us.  Our parents were married 61 & 57 years so we had a good example of commitment.  Our faith strengthened our commitment.  It has taken a lot of work – seminars at church, better communication, understanding and appreciating each other.  

Did you ever get counseling?

No we never did but there were times we should have.  

I am so blessed to have such great examples of commitment in my parents and grandparents.  Both sets of my grandparents were together until death did them part.  I pray that for my marriage too.

It REALLY frustrates me to hear some of the reasons people get divorced.  I can’t claim to understand every situation but I can say I don’t agree with the outcome most of the time.  Recently I was beating my head against the wall trying to understand why people get divorced and how to help them stay together instead.  I know it sounds cliche but a pastor friend of mine reminded me that divorce is a result of Jesus not being the center and focus of relationships.  Simplifying it all – that is true.  But it doesn’t give me peace about it at all.

I’m committed to my marriage.  I fight for my marriage.  We have tough conversations.  We read books and go through curriculum in small groups or seminars.  We ask for advice or counseling when we need it.  And we’ll do all that stuff again and again because staying committed in marriage takes work.

The next post is about fun, hopes, and dreams.  Be sure to check back.

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