Under Suspicion – Movie Quotes

Recently I watched the movie Under Suspicion.  I’ve always enjoyed watching movies, but it seems the more life experience I get the more I pick up on things I hear in movies that are good truths or realities in life.  Here are some quotes I thought were very interesting and true in the movie.

  • “We tolerate when a celebrity or star athlete achieves great success and wealth, but when it is one of our own we feel like some injustice has occurred.”
  • “Jealousy is all the fun you think somebody else is having.”
Aren’t those so true?  We’re ok with people we don’t know being successful, but when someone we know and feel “equal” to becomes successful we get jealous.  It is our selfish nature, the same selfish nature that causes us to “keep up with the Jones”.  
If you are one that has risen to a place of leadership or success you might have been the target of some of the jealousy.  I could write an entire series on humility and I hope you have it, but chances are if you’ve succeeded at anything then there is someone who silently or blatantly wishes you hadn’t and would like to hold you back.  For most people it is as simple as a naysayer who seems to always doubt your ability to accomplish something.  They might not even mean to do it, but they do.  Watch out for these people because subtle or not they can crush your dreams.