Part 3: My Parent’s 40th Anniversary

For my parents 40th wedding anniversary I did a little interview and I’m sharing their wisdom.  If you missed it you can click here to read Part 1 or click here to read Part 2.

What have you done for fun through the years?

We’ve always been heavily involved in church activities (understatement of the century).  We didn’t really call it date night like y’all do now days, but when we were younger we would go out to eat and go to drag racing or rodeo or ball games or Gospel singing events – that was way back when the Gaithers were just a trio.  Now days for date night we tend to just go out to eat and take a drive and just enjoy being together.  (I will add that my parents take some pretty nice trips as rewards through my dad’s job as an insurance agent).  

What have been your hopes and dreams?

We’ve always wanted to do the best we could for you kids and we’ve always wanted to serve other people – living our lives to serve others rather than ourselves.  

Dad: When we were pastors we thought success was when I got to pastor without having a 2nd job to support the family.  

Mom:  As we got older we reached for dreams like having a bigger property with a garden and getting to travel.  We were only able to afford that stuff after dad started working in business world. 

Now you know how old my parents are – I mean anyone who knew when the Gaithers were just a trio…  If you don’t even know who the Gaithers are just look it up on Google – search images, that’s all you need to know.  My parents are very country too in case you couldn’t tell from the drag racing and rodeo.  That does remind me of our years in a small town called Forest Hill, LA where we went to the dirt track races every Friday night…

I’m glad to know my parents have fun together and have hopes and dreams.  It is ashamed that church people treat pastors in such a way that they leave the ministry all the time.  My parents still serve in their local church, just not as pastor.  Every time I think of my parents deciding to no longer pastor churches I think of how tough a decision that must have been for them because of their heart for ministry.  But at the same time I think of how thankful I am that they made such a tough decision because for all we know that is what kept them together and kept our family together.

My dad plants his garden every year and they get to travel to places Shawna and I hope to go to someday.  I’d say they’ve set a pretty good example for putting their marriage, hopes, and dreams in proper priority.


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