Top Posts of 2011

Judging from all the blogs I follow, apparently the thing to do near the end of December is list the top posts for the whole year.  I didn’t start back to blogging until April, and didn’t do it very regularly, so this list might seem like half of what I’ve actually posted for the year.  Oh well, here it is – the top 10 posts of 2011:

  1. Mobile Phone Privilege – I’m pretty sure Zack Morris made this one so popular, but I like to think it’s the fact that mobile phones are a privilege not a necessity.  I’m a little disappointed that this one wasn’t closer to the bottom of the list.
  2. Mark & Shawna Asbell Are Officially Debt Free – This is the most exciting thing that happened to us all year, a major milestone in our lives.  I still can’t hardly believe it and I’m so grateful for it.  I’m selfishly a little disappointed that this one wasn’t at the top of the list.  EVERYONE should be so excited for us and want to read about it  🙂
  3. “No” Is Easy When “Nothing” Is There – It’s no less difficult saying no when there is money in the bank than it is when there is NO money in the bank.
  4. Get Help Now – Stop putting off getting help because of your pride, heart issue, or lack of trust.  Get Help Now!
  5. My Parents’ 40th Anniversary (series) – My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year and I wrote a little series to honor them and their example.
  6. Boomerangers (series) – This 2-part series addresses a concern many families are facing these days.  What do you do when your grown children move back home?
  7. Daddy’s Barber Shop – One of the little ways I’m frugal and ever little bit adds up to a lot over time.
  8. Kyle Got Married – My brother-in-law got married and I reflected on some important words of wisdom from my wedding day.
  9. One Major Step Closer To Divorce – A pretty strong case for why couples shouldn’t have separate finances.
  10. Intentional Relationship – We have to be intentional about our relationship or it will “unintentionally” fall apart.
It’s been a great year and I can’t wait to see what this list looks like at the end of 2012.

Happy New Year!

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